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New Year, New Industry!

It is no secret that the industry has suffered through the recession and coming out of it, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of skills available. This challenge is a massive limitation to the industry as a whole and how it able to grow and move forward. Without skills in the industry, there is a cap to the growth that firms can achieve. Without this growth, the industry will stifle and work will inevitably by undertaken internationally.

The UK’s heritage is in industry; the industrial revolution, the design and construction industry as a whole. What a shame to let this go to waste and lose the legacy of the whole country because of a lack of skill.

Reports show that foreign bricklayers are earning £1,000 a week because of the skill gap and skilled staff wages are rising 4 times faster than the inflation rate.Digital skill shortages are also on the rise and with increasing pressure for BIM compliance, it is a big sticking point in the industry.

Policy and government legislation is pushing education, education, education and bringing in changes to make it easier for employers to grow the skill base.  Yet the industry seems reluctant to take action, to make use of the programmes, to up-skill, to grow, to keep the industry alive.

The TDS Academy was created for exactly this reason – not only to bring in skilled workforce but also to shape the future of the industry.

Unique throughout the UK, The Academy provides apprenticeships for the steelwork detailing and draughting industry. The focus is on giving apprentices the key skills they need in the first 20 weeks of the programme so that they are able to hit the ground running. Together with a focus on the use of Tekla and BIM methodologies, the programme is very much geared at what the industry needs to move forward in a sustainable way.

Funding is also available for employers to take on an apprentice. In fact, we have worked out that in many cases, the apprentice could be free to most employers.

So our message as we go into 2015 is this – the industry needs to change in order to grow. But it won’t change or grow without everyone in it taking responsibility and more important, taking action. Let 2015 be the year you take action, for the your business and for the industry.

If you need more information on the benefits of an apprentice for your business, check out our video. 

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