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TDS Midlands Newsletter: Feb 15

2015: A Boom Year!

We are only 2 months in but already 2015 is shaping up to be a boom year, for TDS Midlands, and for the industry. This newsletter is to bring you up to date with the way in which TDS is evolving into a group of companies, all of which are designed to overcome an industry challenge. 

Challenge: Embracing BIM

TDS Midlands has been proactively championing BIM principles for some time now, but the way in which the company has grown (by almost 30% in the last 2 years) has meant that we are also gaining momentum with the BIM methodologies we are able to implement. These have been used during some of the big London developments we have been involved with, including Chiswick Park, The Walke Talkie and The Leadenhall Building. 

Moving forward, we are building BIM into the whole group so that the methods become a core advantage throughout – after all, the primary purpose of BIM is collaboration. 


Find out more here.

Challenge: Skills Shortages 

Following the recession, the requirement to recruit skilled staff for a growing company proved to be very challenging. In fact we even went as far a field as Greece to recruit skilled staff. This wasn’t a challenge that was only affecting TDS Midlands, but the whole industry. The solution was clear to us: TDS Academy. As the only Academy of its type in the UK, TDS Academy offers apprenticeship schemes for steelwork detailing and draughting.

After opening its doors in October 2012 for the first time, TDS Academy has grown by 300%. The main reason for this is that the scheme has been uniquely designed so that employers can use apprentices on live projects after 20 weeks intensive training at the Academy. Coupled with the funding available for employers that means the apprentices are effectively free, the scheme becomes a huge advantage for the future of the industry as a whole, and the individual business.


Find out more here.

Challenge: Reducing ‘Waste’ with Modular Systems

Whether reducing costs, errors, times and the carbon footprint, there is a solution to reducing ‘waste’ for real business benefits; modular build. TDS-AS (TDS Architectural Systems), launched in February 2015, has revolutionized modular architectural products. The innovative ethos and focus on research and development has created many products that are efficient through design.

The cornerstone product, the 4 Stage Balcony, has been designed to be erected and installed in half the time of industry standard balconies without skilled tradesman to carry out the work. It is also 35.8% lighter than the industry average. Subsequently, there is less time on site, less skilled requirement and less material, ultimately impacting on the bottom line. 


Find out more about the 4 Stage Balcony Product here and TDS-AS.

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