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Here’s to a racing start to the year – for us and our customers!

2017 had its ups and downs for us but certainly finished on a bright note and 2018 has taken off on the same note: Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to:



We recently cleaned an engine block for a Peugeot 106 GTI which the customer was preparing for racing. For this they wanted all their parts to be looking and working at their best so decided the engine block could do with a deep clean to remove all the built up oil and carbon and give it a nice shine. Cleaned ultrasonically with a chemical that is both great for removing greases and oils and aluminium friendly we managed to remove all the dirt and leave a great shine which pleased the customer who couldn't wait to get their project finished and racing.



We spend a lot of time developing and testing chemicals for our customers, both home and abroad, so that they really work for the specified purpose. Whether it's for removing ink from anilox rollers or removing wood sap from saw blades, we provide solutions that are proven to work and will do our utmost to find the best product for your needs.

So whatever you’re cleaning, wherever you are, the chances are good that we’ll have the right cleaning solution for you.


Here is an ultrasonic parts cleaner made for a local engineering company. It features our powerful, modulated ultrasonics to give a safe and amazing clean, timed heater controls for energy conservation, and variable ultrasonic cycles to give you more control over the cleaning process. All of this plus our sturdy stainless steel design makes this a perfect machine for a busy engineering workshop.


And for something completely different !

A Northern based automotive manufacturer asked us not just to supply chemical, but to maintain their ultrasonic tank (not one of ours) and to take away the waste residue. Combining all our knowledge and experience plus involving a national waste treatment Company we have provided them with a one-stop shop for their cleaning process allowing them to concentrate on their automotive business and making their lives a lot simpler. 

So if you want a simple life with machine maintenance, chemical selection fill, and waste disposal all taken care of get in touch, and get on with your business.



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