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It’s beginning to feel like Christmas !

December’s News from Sonic Solutions

Normally a really quiet month from the second week onwards we have had a lot of cleaning and equipment work coming in and continuing right up to our break from 21st December until 2nd January.


One of these job is the cleaning of hydrocyclones from the North sea oil rigs. Used for separating oil and water from the rigs the contamination is a mixture of oil/carbon residue and mineral deposits. So a 2 stage cleaning is required with an alkaline cleaning of the oil/carbon residue followed by a scale removal, with intermediate jet blasting to flush out residue. Take a look at the before & after and you might notice the difference. We're not going to win prizes for our photography but the Oil company have now sent a third batch for cleaning!                                     

 Cleaning heat exchangers of one type or another 

hhh.jpgis quite common. The fine penetration of internal chambers and apertures by Ultrasonics makes it ideal. Here's one we did, used in the salt purification process. The customer agreed we earned "Our salt" that day. We're not going to win prizes for jokes either! 

And a simple wash and rinse machine for cleaning larger auto parts 1200 x 750 x 600mm.c.jpgSimple but effective, saving hours of manual scrubbing and days of

soaking in solvents that needed specialist disposal.


So that’s it from us until 2018. Happy Christmas and we wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing time with your loved ones over the festive period.

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