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The cleaning of heat exchangers is a common job for us. They are used in a wide range of machines and industries and get clogged up over time so machines overheat and performance decreases. Indeed a few years ago we worked with a major utility company to supply them with hundreds of machines designed for cleaning parts used in gas central heating boilers and combi boilers. They have since cleaned hundreds of thousands and cleaned up a tidy profit in the process !

 However this last month we were asked to clean a heat exchanger of an altogether more complex nature. It was an oil based system used on heavy engineering plant but with water flowing through to transfer the heat out of the oil being used as a lubricant/coolant. So you have 2 quite different contaminants, carbonised oil, and scale from water. These require quite different approaches, normally an alkaline degreaser for the oil, and an acid base for the scale. But did I mention that the part being cleaned contained aluminium inserts so traditional alkalines and acids couldn’t be used ! To put it mildly they had run these units well past the point when they operating below peak performance ! The man who dropped them off said he doubted we could do anything with them, and had suggested replacement rather than wasting time bringing them to us !



For this we used a water missible solvent to get rid of the oils first and then an organic acid based cleaner, our trademarked Scruffite descaler, to dispose of the scale. Did we succeed ? Judge for yourself. All I will say is that when the same man picked them up and left he was a lot quieter than he’d been when he dropped them off !



Where there’s a will there’s a way and our way is that everything we do is centered round our customer. We only offer the best solution in terms of cost and performance, and we will never sell a solution that is not the best for our customer. That's our promise to you.


So whatever you have to clean, call us and hold us to our word !

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