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HURRY, only 157 left!

-Time is Running out!

157 is apparently the number of shopping days left until Christmas. Whether we use them or not they cannot be increased. A lot of the work we do is extremely time pressured. A machine is down or a part can’t be fully processed, unless something is cleaned, either by us or using our products.

Our flexibility, with multiple machines and a wide range of cleaning solutions in stock, means we can respond in YOUR time frame.

So call us yesterday on 01924 495975 and see how we can meet your timeframe.

Urgent jobs this last month included:


Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory AKA strong & stable leadership!

This quote from Abraham Lincoln about one of his General’s failures in the American Civil War just seems so good a description of the conservative’s and Theresa May’s election campaign. She started over 20 points ahead in the polls, with a Commons majority, and an opposition leader whose own MP’s described as unelectable. She then managed to simultaneously alienate and bore her own supporters in equal measure, and make Jeremy Corbyn look statesmanlike and credible.

Like him or not you have to admit that Corbyn is a natural campaigner whose message was clear and very popular with many... at least he has a message which was a good start. What is interesting is that his message resonated both in traditional Labour areas and in London’s affluent areas, possibly because it was interpreted differently. Promising to tax the rich and help the poor was obviously a hit in poorer areas but his less strident Brexit was a hit in the City. As Boris Johnson said recently, maybe you can have your cake and eat it!

Reducing Insurance Premiums for young drivers


Top tips from Insurance experts on keeping insurance premiums to a minimum for young drivers include: not modifying a car with expensive alloys etc.., approaching the insurance company directly rather than through a comparisons website (and there are companies that specialise in young drivers like marmalade), taking an additional driving test like Pass Plus, having a black box device fitted to monitor your driving, adding extra car security. In fact a combination of all these can reduce premiums on young drivers by a staggering 75% plus. 

Some inspiration & interesting facts – wise or otherwise!


“I fail many times, and that is why I eventually succeed.” Michael Jordan (basketball legend) A farmer and his dog are herding sheep. They finish and his dog says "I counted 40 sheep". The farmer replies, "That's odd I only got 37". The dog replies "I rounded them up". 8 - This is the number of people who are as rich as the world’s poorest half of the population — some 3.6 billion people. The eight individuals are Bill Gates ($75bn), Amancio Ortega ($67bn), Warren Buffett ($61bn), Carlos Slim Helu ($50bn), Jeff Bezos ($45bn), Mark Zuckerberg ($45bn), Larry Ellison ($44bn) and Michael Bloomberg ($40bn)

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