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Keeping up your appearance!

Appearances matter a lot. We’ve all heard of it, seen it, been involved in it, in virtually every aspect of our lives. Whether we like it or not we seem almost programmed to do it and respond to it. From choosing a man or woman to go out with, to the food we eat or a component for a product we are making, the appearance is crucial in influencing our decision and choice. 

In business, research shows that the visual impact of the product or the person selling the product weighs 70% or more against the facts and language behind the product. Even over the phone the way you say something matters far more than what you say. Appearance in all its forms, visual and auditory, matters far more than the substance, the reality.

Why does this matter?

Well, people decide whether to stay on your website within 8 seconds; they decide whether they like and trust you within 4 seconds of seeing you. The same goes for whether they choose to buy what you are selling. As the saying goes you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This has always been the case – dressing up, ceremony and paintings throughout history have been designed to give the desired appearance. But in our super speed world appearances are seen and judged that much quicker. We work at snapchat and twitter pace, not walking pace now! In every aspect of our lives, the way we and other people appear affects us dramatically and constantly.

I would not advise you how you should choose to appear to get what you want, but I can help you get your parts and products appearing at their very best so they get chosen over others.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – the equipment, the chemicals, the service. Just give us a call on 01924 495975 and we’ll give you the appearance you want!

And if that hasn’t persuaded you, here’s a comment from a Daily Mail reader last week about appearances:

“ That bloke in North Korea looks like a wrong ‘un.”

I rest my case!

Here are a few examples of keeping up appearances. 




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