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Welcome to the September issue of the Sonic Solutions Ltd newsletter.



Sonic Solutions are please to announce that due to an upturn in business they are moving into larger premises.

Andrew Taylor Manging Director at Sonic Solutions Ltd comments.

"We are delighted to announce that we are moving into larger premises. This facility allows  us the space to increase our range of machines to accommodate the cleaning of larger items".

13th year  of working alongside "BMS".

Sonic Solutions are pleased to announce the 13th year anniversary of working alongside Business Marketing Services Ltd.


Andrew Taylor Manging Director at Sonic Solutions Ltd comments.

"BMS have been integral to our growth and expansion over the years. They aggressively  promote the business across Google, Email and now social media,  and this affords us a constant stream of new and exciting enquiries. We thoroughly  recommend them!"

To Celebrate this partnership any referrals to BMS from this email will enable a discount of 5 per cent on any marketing contract taken out with BMS. This could save hundreds of pounds simply quote Sonic and speak to the Director Gerard on 07908 545028.

Visit them on the web .

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?


Our Mission.


Hi. I’m Andy, owner of Sonic Solutions for 14 years. Our aim is simple, to get your dirty parts clean, as efficiently and effectively as possible, so you can get on with your business.

Our business is removing all kinds of dirt from all kinds of objects using ultrasonic technology, the modern way of deep cleaning parts without potentially damaging abrasion.

We’ve cleaned motor parts, filters, heat exchangers, print rollers, precision engineered parts, pcb’s, pipes, saw blades, baking trays,..even rubbish for a modern-art sculpture !
We provide a cleaning service, cleaning chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaning equipment, so whether you want to do the job in-house or just let someone else sort it out we can help.

We’re based in West Yorkshire but serve industries throughout the UK. Industries like yours.. printing, power stations, oil and gas, automotive, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and of course modern art !

So, if you have a dirty little problem that’s stopping you get on with your business, we’ll make it our business to sort it. Just get in touch with the ultrasonic cleaning experts.

For more information simply call us on 01924 495975

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