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Have you got an attitude!!

OK of course you have. Everyone has, but not everyone has the right attitude Intelligence and experience do count, but most success and failure comes from the attitude of the individual “enjoying” that success or failure. Even failure can be a great learning process with the right attitude.I truly believe my small band of merry men do have the right attitude.

We want to get things right. We react to the inevitable upsets positively, determined to overcome them. We make the hard choices that will get us to our desired destination, not just going with the flow, the easy option.

The filters, electrical rail connectors, sensor bodies, motor engines, print rollers and O rings we have cleaned this month have all presented issues. Some were harder than others, but we are determined to succeed for our customers’ sake and our own.

So if you have a cleaning problem then let us help you. We offer the experience, skills and attitude to make the difference. Call us on 01924 495975 or e mail us on


Staying up late may damage your health!!

Benjamin Franklin’s advice, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” turns out to be true—at least the “healthy” part.A British study of genes and health that analyzed surveys of more than 400,000 people found that night owls have a 10 percent higher risk of death over a 6½-year period than early risers, according to an article on the NBC News website.

The negative impact of burning the midnight oil doesn’t depend on how much sleep you actually get—both night owls and early risers reported getting the same amount—but on the fact that it throws the body’s natural rhythms off track. 

Also, the study found that people who stay up late tend to eat fattier foods, drink more alcohol, and use recreational drugs.
In addition, staying up late at night has been shown to increase depression and mood disorders, especially among people 50 and older.

Whether you’re early or late to get your parts clean give us a call on 01924 495975 or e-mail us on

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