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Let’s celebrate failure!!

Everyone celebrates success. Nobody celebrates failure. Plenty of failures are “celebrated” but always by another person, never the person failing!

However every successful person has usually “enjoyed” more than their fair share of failure along the way, and more than one has attributed their ultimate success to the lessons they learnt from failures along the way. Either in practical terms, such as Thomas Edison who reflected on the 10,000 “failed” light bulbs as essential knowledge of what didn’t work, to the character building nature of failure.

We all fail at something at some time. It’s how we respond that defines us.

This month we have done a cleaning job that did not achieve the clean we were looking for. A polite way of saying we failed! The customer is working with us to identify WHY we failed, and we are both being honest with each other. The items sent for cleaning were not made of the material we understood they were. We had included something in our cleaning process that had a detrimental impact.

We have done another clean since and it looks like we have resolved the problems. Some big lessons in there for us, and a lot of hard work (physical and mental) to work our way through them. But we are! We will not let damned dirt beat us! We may make a mistake but we will learn from it and get it right in the end. Oh, and we’re honest and open about it!

Lower arms ultrasonic cleaningUltrasonic Cleaning of valve parts

In fact if I look back at some of the best jobs we have done, they have often been preceded by failure, which led to us coming up with a better/ cheaper/ easier way of doing things that paid massive dividends in the long run. Looking at some of the things we have successfully cleaned and machines built this month we can only do them as well now because we learnt how NOT to do them in the past!

 Oil Filters After Ultrasonic Cleaning

I’m not saying we strive to fail, but we’re not afraid of failure, because it often provides a lesson and experience that takes us forward and makes us better. That is not to deny that it is invariably painful at the time but it is when we get things wrong that we learn the most, providing we are receptive to the teacher!

On a personal note a work colleague, Toby, has “failed” his driving test last week. Disappointing, frustrating (especially when he has a car on the drive!), but maybe it will teach him to be a better driver. It will if he lets it!

David Allen Quote

My son has just come out of an exam having failed to attempt some of the questions because he ran out of time. If he learns that we all have the same amount of time, it’s just how we use it, that will be a valuable lesson, although right now he won’t see it like that!

Anyway to finish on a lighter note, here’s something I sent to Toby to put a different slant on his “failure”. I hope you enjoy it! Courtesy of Dave Allen, the late, great Irish comedian, for those old enough to remember!


P.S. I don’t want to give you the impression we “fail” all the time! We don’t but I do regard the only real failure as giving up. So if you’re “failing” to get your parts clean give us a call.

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Good day and may your God go with you (Dave Allen’s trademark sign-off!)

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