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2017 has started extremely brightly on all fronts – equipment, cleaning and chemicals. While this is mostly from existing customers, one new enquiry we had was particularly interesting. The invitation to discuss the cleaning of pipework on a forthcoming new rocket launch site. This isn’t the first time we have been involved with rockets having worked with the Falcon Project a few years ago. We have also worked in other special projects before, like the cleaning of parts from the new Nuclear submarine, the Astute, or turbine blades of a nuclear power generator. On the other end of the scale we have cleaned rubbish washed up on the beach for an art project ! For sure most of our work is the “normal” stuff of industrial cleaning – the print rollers, filters, auto parts, precision engineered parts, moulds, pcb’s ...But it does brighten the day up when an oddball enquiry or job turns up, and I’m sure most of us share that sentiment when it happens. So here’s to rocket science, just don’t ask me to explain how it works ! But if you do have a strange cleaning requirement just ask us, you never know we may have actually been there before !


The new phrase of “fake news” has introduced a surreal element to the current political scene, where “facts” are denied rather than discussed. Where people are famous for, well being famous, and appearances, even if only for the blink of a snapchat moment, are definitely more important than substance. However as usual real fact is stranger than anything we can make up. In CERN’ s Hadron collider project in Switzerland, they split an atom and separated it into 2 parts placed a few miles from each other. Despite there being no apparent link between them when they applied a force on one part of the atom it also affected the other. How and why, they have no idea !

GOOD NEWS OR.. – maybe it’s not quite as bad as we thought !

  • Over half a million young people started on apprenticeships in 2016 which are increasingly seen as a real alternative to a university degree.
  • Nearly 1 billion people have been taken out of extreme poverty in the last 20 years, mainly as a result of China and India’s economic growth.
  • The homicide rate per million of the UK population is 25% lower in 2011 than in 1901 – 8.6 per million (550 homicides to 64 million population) compared to 11.3 per million (340 homicides to 30 million).
  • People in the UK no longer customarily die of diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia. My own grandfather died of TB in 1941 so it’s not that distant or long ago that they did.

But if you really want some bad news !!

  • The new battle of Britain – Scottish and Irish independence
  • Tories in turmoil over Brexit – in facy anything about Brexit and not just Tories.
  • How many jobs should an MP have ? One for Osborne.
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