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Welcome to the February edition of the Sonic Solutions Newsletter!


1) Make me money, Don’t piss me off !!

My favourite piece of advice from “The Apprentice”. Love it, and those 5am phone calls. Has anyone ever tried that with their staff ? I’d love to hear how it went down !  Good telly but not sure it’s the world we live in, or maybe I’m old fashioned. Anyway, back to work now, or YOU’RE FIRED !!


2) Another manufacturer of sintered filters.

They started using us for cleaning their parts last month, and have already used us on 3 separate occasions. Maybe they like our coffee ! or maybe like many others they realise that “Ultrasonic cleaning.. is recommended almost universally for cleaning sintered metal and ceramic parts. “ (Cleaning Technologies Group USA) Come try our coffee, or you can ask us about how to clean sintered filters. Either way we’re happy to oblige.

3) Descaling

Another public body came to us for our specialist descaler, Scruffite, this week, for clearing their boiler heat exchanger. It’s safe to use with any material and non-hazardous, yet absorbs up to twice its weight in scale. So if you have scale problems there’s a good chance we have just the solution for you.


4) Filter Cleaning

We’ve been cleaning a lot of filters for power stations in the last year (like the ones shown below). Dirty oil is the main contaminant, with carbon and general dirt residue clogging it up. If it sounds familiar, give us a shout !



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