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February 2018

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Keeping you updated with fastener technology


Welcome to our January News Letter. For new readers we try to keep you updated with the latest news and developments at HSL and the fastener industry in general. As some of our regular customers will know regrettably, we have had to review our prices for 2018 and implement a 5% increase. This is the first increase in seven years but with rising operating and material costs we couldn’t sustain current price levels. We value your business and want to maintain the high standards of quality and service you expect and hope we can continue to support each other through 2018 and beyond.


Insert Update


X1.jpgPress-In Type FL

The FL range of inserts are designed for press fitting into thermoplastic. The combination of knurls and ribs on the body provide high torque and pull out performance. The inserts should be fitted with a squeezing action rather than a blow for optimum performance.



X2.jpgPress-In Type DMR

DMR inserts are designed to provide strong reusable threads in thermoset and other hard plastics. On installation, the insert collapses as it is pushed into the receiving hole. Insertion of the screw expands the sharp diamond points of the knurl into the surface of the hole and penetrates the plastic. This provides a high resistance to torque and pull out loads. The DMR has a slot through the head. The screw is meant to enter the insert from the opposite side to the head. The head therefore gives additional resistance to pull-through loads.



X3.jpgMould-In Type HXB HXT

HXB and HXT Moldcerts are suitable for moulding into all types of plastic material during the moulding cycle. They are available with blind or through threads (HXB or HXT). The hexagon body gives very high torque resistance even in soft materials.




X4.jpgMould-In Type FT

FT Type inserts are designed for over moulding into thermoplastic or thermoset materials. The unique design of 3 herringbone knurl bands combined with the included recesses offer excellent rotational and pull out performance. The open end has a counter bore which locates onto a shouldered pin within the tool to eliminate plastic ingress into the threads.



 X5.jpgHeat / Ultrasonic Type IS

The IS range of Inserts are designed to provide strong reusable thread forms in Thermoplastic materials. The unique opposing helix knurl provides exceptional resistance to torque and tensile (pull out) loads. They are suitable for all thermoplastics.



X6.jpgHeat / Ultrasonic Stud Type HSS

The HSS range of inserts can be installed with heat or ultrasonics. They are designed to provide strong reusable male thread form in thermoplastic materials. The unique diametrically opposing helix knurls create the herringbone pattern which provides exceptional resistance to torque & tensile loads compared to other designs. This headed version provides a larger clamping surface to prevent jack out.




7.jpgBIAFD Membership

As a major distributor of standard fasteners we have joinned BIAFD (British & Irish Ass. Of Fastener Distributors. This is a trade organisation representing small and large fastener distributors. They have a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the industry and resources for training and quality related aspects of our business.






2018 Exhibitions


We will be exhibiting at PDM and Advanced Engineering this year. We have had   great success at these shows in previous years and These events provide an   excellent opportunity for you to see our full product range and discuss iany new   fastener projects you are working on. Our Application Engineers will be on hand   to advise or organise a quotation or site visit if required.






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