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June 2016

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Keeping you updated with fastener technology

HSL will be at the PDM Event on June 14th and 15th at the Telford International Centre. This is a major event for the plastics industry and we will be promoting our range of “Fasteners for Plastics” If you are visiting the show please pop by our stand E006 in Hall 2 to see how we can benefit your company. Some of the parts on display are detailed below.


Threaded Inserts

Threaded Inserts for plastic, wood, composites and metal provide strong male or female threadforms and can be applied by various insertion methods.


Panel Fasteners

Plug Buttons, Ribets and Fir Tree Clips are simple but very effective fasteners for thing sheet materials. They are quick to assemble and very cost effective.


JK Nuts

JK Nuts provide a very effective female thread in thin sheet materials. They are widely used in rotational plastic mouldings as they are easy to fit after the moulding process. The part is set with a hand or air tool which collapses the body at the back of


Metal Trim Clips

These metal fasteners enable theattachment of two panels, within afew seconds by clipping and blind adjusting, not requiring a tool. The clip is not visible after assembly in order to keep finished product aestheticallypleasing. These robustand easyclips are an alternative for traditional screws.


Metal Clip On U Nuts

U-shaped threaded fasteners combine the robustness of a traditional mechanical fastener and the versatility of spring steel clipsto create avalue added panel assemblysolution suited to most high-speed assembly environments.


Come and visit us at PDM 2016 Hall 2 Stand E006

We look forward to meeting you

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