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November 2017

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Welcome to our November newsletter, where has the year gone! We have had an incredible year and have already achieved record sales, what better way to celebrate our 35th year. Thanks to all our customers for your loyalty and support, we really couldn’t have done it without you. Below are some of the highlights from 2017.



2017 New Projects


aa.jpgGear Rods

We were asked to quote for a complicated, machined component which formed part of the ventilation system for a luxuary car manufacturer. The rod actuates a motion damper and electrical contact. As this will be used by the vehicle occupants it is criticle that the force and smooth action are correct and have a quality feel. We helped to develop the parts and fine tune the design in order to satisfy the stringent testing done by the tier 1 supplier. Parts are now in full production and over 60,000 have been supplied.



bb.jpgRadiator Support Brackets

One of our major clients working with a UK based, off road vehicle manufacturer asked for our advice on a new insert application. The insert is overmoulded into a glass filled nylon moulding used to support the radiator. HSL recommended an existing part from our range and conducted performance testing in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers standard. After approval the parts are now in full production.






cc.jpgDouble Torsion Spring

With our diverse capabilities we get asked to look at many different components. This spring is used in a tailgate lock assembly. HSL supplied various samples until the correct positioning and torque requirements were met. This led to winning the contract to supply the springs and also a machined hinge pin.



dd.jpgTorsion Spring

After successful completion of the above project our client invited us to work with them on a new application. The new assembly required hinge pins, torsion springs, circlips and a nylon washer. HSL were able to supply all the components making procurement a lot simpler and a smooth transition to production volumes. We have just supplied the first production requirement.


eee.jpgBattery Box Inserts

One of our largest projects which went into production this year was a battery box moulding for one of the largest tier 1 moulders to the automotive industry. Whilst we were already supplying six different components for the last five years there has been a design change for the 2018 model. This change, driven by cost reduction resulted in some parts being phased out and revisions on some of the inserts and compression limiters. One of the inserts needed an M6x18mm blind thread suitable for overmoulding. HSL were able to design the insert, share CAD data for design validation and make prototype samples for approval. This work started in 2016 and has just gone into serial production ready for the 2018 model launch.





ff.jpg2017 Exhibitions

Thanks to everyone who visited our stands at Interplas and Advanced Engineering. Both shows were very productive and it was a pleasure to meet some old and new contacts. We have already booked again next year for AE and for Interplas 2020. These events are an excellent opportunity for you to see our full range of parts and discuss in detail any application solutions you are working on.





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