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Our Pop-Up Park situated outside Leeds Town Hall was relocated to Millennium Square for the duration of Wimbledon fortnight before moving once more to the Town Hall. Combined with a Pimms marquee and large screen TV, it proved a great success. Our Merrion grass also made an appearance on bicycles with chiller cabinet serving strawberries and cream, showing what a versatile product it is and that you don’t need a garden to use it. In fact we sold a piece of our 30mm Trinity to a gentleman who planned to take it on holiday with him to layout under the awning of his caravan.


Just round the corner, our 2016 award winning Pop-Up Park was installed for a second year in Cookridge Street; it will be there until September so plenty of time get down there and enjoy the summer in style. If you have seen the time lapse installation video, check it out on our Facebook page!


We install a lot of our grasses in a domestic situation, but sometimes the results surprise us with just how good they look when they are finished. One such recent project was in Bradford and the grass had to be cut and fitted round a water feature in the middle of the lawn.


Other projects fill us with pride once they are completed. A local transformed his rear garden so his disabled daughter could get outside and play in their garden for first time in two years.


It wasn’t without its difficulties. The granite ash layer had to carried through the house, but the layout of the interior meant the grass rolls were too large to negotiate through. It took 4 of our men and the help of a local landscaper working in the same street to lift the grass in over fences from two doors down. The effort was well worth it.      

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