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If you have ever wondered how good your lawn will look 6 months after installation, photographic evidence shows that it will look as good as the day it was installed.  The photo in the top left was taken on the day of installation in November 2016 and the main picture shows the garden in April 2017.  Some intricate cutting was required for the stepping stones, but the finished effect made the effort worthwhile.



A couple in Leeds decided to swap their vegetable plot for a beautiful Eternal Lawn. 


Our team excavated the soil, barrowing it down the side of the house to the front, before barrowing the sub base and granite ash in to replace it.  Once they were levelled and compacted, our 30mm Superior was neatly fitted into the wall built by the client over the years.  The clients were delighted as it meant they could host a big family party on their new lawn, let’s hope they get some sunshine.



You don’t have to have a lawn to be able to fit artificial grass.  Having seen our Pop-Up Park outside Leeds Town Hall, one city centre company contacted us to see if it was possible for us to install something similar outside their offices.   As you can see, we could and we did, creating an oasis of green in an otherwise barren courtyard.  Picnic benches and some seats to create a cosy little corner put the finishing touches to a stunning installation for some happy workers to use. 


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