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2017 has begun with jobs large and small to keep us busy, along with a showroom overhaul being done in the background which has made the office workspace a frantic place to be at times!


We have done a mixture of large and small installs in the last few weeks such as a 140 square metre garden section alongside a customer’s driveway, seen below:


The grassed area was firstly landscaped by our machinery, with the mini-digger getting the most use in that regard! 12 tonnes of hardcore was subsequently dropped into the beds with metal edging used to protect the existing flowerbeds and maintain the curves of the garden. Once the grass was laid and cut to suit the curves some fresh pebbles were added to the driveway to tidy up following our install work and the end product was an altogether prettier picture:


We have also completed a front and back garden on the same property for a customer who was tired of re-seeding his north-facing front lawn each year only to see it die off, and re-seeding his south facing back lawn because his dog had churned it up over the winter months – not to mention dragged the mud and mess on his paws back into the house afterwards! So we completed both installations simultaneously to minimise the upheaval, digging both out firstly and subsequently going through the stages to complete both gardens within 2 days. The rear garden looked like this originally;  


But once we were finished it was transformed into this;


The front garden was also now a much cleaner and greener place to be;


A slightly bigger back garden area involved installing a grass surface which looked good all year but also allowed two football mad boys the chance to have a game in their garden regardless of the outside conditions without their poor mum having to do extra washing! This 170 square metre garden was again cleared via minidigger with groundworks then implemented to give the 30mm Superior surface a strong base for ther boys to move around on. It was originally a heavy grass area, but the final look was much more like Wembley!



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