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With the year coming to a close it’s still business as usual here at Eternal Lawns. We have recently completed a job for a previous customer who, having had his front garden done a couple of years back by us and seen the benefits of a beautiful maintenance-free artificial lawn, had now decided the back garden needed to go the same way. The area was sizeable (the original front garden was 25m2 , the back garden 105m2) and with tight access our machinery such as the mini digger would not fit, so the garden was firstly dug out the old-fashioned way, with the usual aggregates then infilled to give the area a strong bed of groundworks to fit the grass on top of. Our 30mm Superior product was used to give a ‘just cut’ finish. Speaking of cutting, a little bit of intricacy was required around the client’s stepping stones, which we bedded back into the grass and trimmed around to create a natural look and finish, which left the end product as below;


On a similar scale to the above, we accepted a project on a house being redeveloped with extensive gardens to the side and rear belonging to a customer who simply wanted that fresh grass look without the time involved of keeping it manicured. This again involved extensive hand dig-out work in terms of size and with the levels contouring quite extensively the team worked to give a smooth finish to the garden in order to make it more even and natural, and the final picture is a beauty;


As always, our work extends past residential homes and into numerous commercial projects, such as the Xmas Tree area at The Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds whereby we were tasked with given the tree a more authentic area directly below it. Our 40mm Excellence was the perfect foil for the festive setting – Steve and Daniel were so pleased with it they even posed for a picture!


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