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As the Autumn days begin to descend into winter time it’s usually the case that a lot of people stop thinking about sitting out in the sun and start thinking about Christmas Puddings and snow, but our artificial lawn surfaces can deal with any weather of course and customers are of course much more aware of the benefits in the colder and wetter months as much as the warm and dry ones as the artificial surface drains faster than normal grass but still looks pristine of course especially with how good it really is in terms of the look and feel so we are seeing more and more referrals from customers with friends or neighbours who are so surprised by the quality of the finished product  - not to mention the quality of the workmanship of course!


The garden above required a complete overhaul as the customer wanted not only a maintenance free artificial lawn but also a fresh new indian stone patio to give somewhere pleasant to sit out and entertain friends. The old patio firstly had to go, with pavier covers required to allow access – but keep the finish – for the three drains in situ in the garden along the patio edge. Once the Candela Grey Indian Stone was finished, charcoal bullnose edgings were then placed in order to give a stylish look to the patio edge. The grass was then installed right upto the patio edge for a seamless transition into the rest of the garden. The finished look was a delight to the customer;


When a customer decided they wanted something low maintenance for the front garden to keep the neighbours envious all year round, our artificial surface was the obvious answer as it looks great all year round of course without the need to look after it in the same way as a natural lawn. Here was the finished look from the back of the driveway.


One customer – a Commercial entity working in partnership to build new homes requested 5 gardens on a new estate to be completed with our 30mm Superior product as the first stage of homes were completed. These were completed simultaneously over a two day period and (thanks to the exploits of our resident adrenalin junkie Jonathan who climbed to a better spot for some killer photography!) here are the five gardens all in one shot!


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