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With the lovely weather continuing into September we have embarked on a couple of large projects, one of which was what can only be described as a transformation of a Dogs home in Ossett. As you can see from the original picture below, the kennels had an area in front which was unused and wasted, with the plan to be to create a useable run for the dogs to be able to move freely but securely inside of a caged/fenced area, as well as introduce some new drains around the perimeter in order to assist in cleaning of the kennels on a daily basis also and link those into the existing main drainage system.


The plan then was to first put in the perimeter drains, followed by new palisade fencing in order to ensure the dogs could not escape when placed within the area, plus of course artificial grass within to create the finished article. After just over a week of work the scenery was quite markedly different;



The dogs now have a beautiful and safe environment to play in, and the staff have a far easier job of a) looking after them and b) keeping them secure. 

As well as the dogs home, we’ve also completed works at the outstanding new External Bi-Folding Doors showroom, as we have now agreed an exciting new partnership with EB-FD. The new showroom is an incredible area with a full size detached house inside! The pictures below are of our new areas surrounding the house with our differing grasses laid around:




We look forwards to building a long-standing and mutually healthy business relationship in the years to come.

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