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Modular Canopies Available To All

Cyclone Ventilation are the renowned name in kitchen canopies & ventilation hoods.

Bespoke commercial ventilation systems are supplied in many technical configurations but are all installed to carry out one essential job. That is to provide a comfortable working environment for the chef and kitchen team.

So why suffer with irritation from cooking exhaust, with choking breathe or itchy sore eyes?

At Cyclone regardless of the size and dimension of your kitchen we can provide a stainless steel canopy to meet the requirement of achieving that comfortable working environment.

Cyclones modular configurations, for small commercial kitchens, come fully assembled and ready for final install. For buildings with a challenging structural fabric, a bespoke canopy would have to be manufactured to suit.

Modular Canopies

• Boxed Canopy
• Sloping Sides
• Extract Only
• Extract & Supply Air

Additional extras include comfort coolers & lighting. A wide range of lighting comes in the form of bulkhead, recessed vapour proof (with or without LED) or LED spot.


‘Competitive solutions at for all kitchens’

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