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It is widely accepted that a timing belt on a car needs changing every 30,000 miles, the general public accept this as common sense and people follow this advice to avoid an expensive repair bill.

The question is the how many companies consider changing their belts on production machinery to avoid a similar expensive repair or at the very least loss of production and the cost of idle staff.

If you were to present the company accountant with a £ 500.00 bill for the cost of changing the timing belt on the company van which was left to run and run until it broke I can guess that it would be considered reckless. Often the same situation arises in production machinery but the true costs are not presented to the management in a single invoice, if they were I think the accountant would become involved.

Bradford Engineering only supply the highest quality timing belts as we understand the demands placed upon belt driven transmission.

As part of our service to our customers we offer a site survey of Bearings, Belts, Chains and Oil Seals on the production machines

In the current economic climate if you would like your business to benefit from a transmission health check to ensure your production is kept running and breakdowns to the minimal please call Andrew Foulds on 01274 309071.

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