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The Benefits of YouTube for Business

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1) YouTube Traffic - Over 4 billion videos viewed daily. It is the 2nd largest search engine, viewed by 1 billion people globally a month. 3rd highest visited website behind google and facebook.

2) Get Found - Google universal search means images, videos and content are blended together, which means google find videos just as important as content. By utilising YouTube to its full potential, means rewards for people visiting your website.

3) Video Sharing - Sharing your videos on your social media platforms also increases your credibility and helps showcase your product. More people visit your website, therefore increasing profit.

4) Global - With over 1 billion people visiting YouTube every month, your brand can be showcased worldwide, reaching to potential globally.

5) Email Listing - YouTube for business has the ability to build your email list as you continue to provide valuable, engaging content.

6) Make Extra money - By keeping up with content on your channel, with videos and interesting content. YouTube offers the opportunity to make your business more money, with AdSense.

7) Domain name linked to YouTube - By linking your website domain name to YouTube, you are telling YouTube that you are the official representation of your brand. This results in your business being found above your competitors.

8) Develop a connection - Videos will allow you to connect with potential clients. Use a creative video ad to make them choose your company.

9) Sharing Ability - Having great video content will keep your visitors coming back, subscribing and telling others. Great videos means other are likely to share on social media, their website. This increases the traffic to your business and builds a reputation.

10) Effectiveness - B2B marketing videos, respond better than other content.

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