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If you want to run an email campaign to promote your products and services to other businesses and a colleague turns around and says “we can't do that anymore because of GDPR”, there's an easy answer to that…

"Go Do Proper Reseach"

We understand. Your colleague is just being protective of your company – they've got a stake in your company doing well, just like you. But they're wrong – GDPR has not outlawed email marketing.

What GDPR has done is to shake up the data supply industry, get rid of the chancers, and leave you with marketers fully conversant with the law and fully understanding the price of getting it wrong.


"Great Deal Predictable Results"

Email marketing, on average according to industry trade body and policeman at the Direct Marketing Association, produces a £30 turnover return for every £1 spent on it. 

We don’t want to oversell this but Whilst results can not be guaranteed, on test after test, it outstrips every other form of B2B marketing.

So, let's put this to the test !
Try us for a 6 month trial at a fair price !

  • We will source data 
  • Create a news template
  • Write and design the newsletter 
  • Send the newsletter
  • Send tracking statistics 

“Get Dialling to Produce Revenues"

 Call us on 0844 8842940 or reply to email to find out more .

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