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Upmarket department store based in Knightsbridge, London; Ace Polishing Services Ltd worked on the Victorian kitchen at Harrods.   This job involved the removal of the full kitchen in place including all counter tops, cupboards and bases section by section using grinders and cutting discs.  The installation of the new kitchen had to be completed in stages due to access restrictions.  All counter tops were welded and polished on site as all frames and bases were completed prior in the workshop.

Peter Kirk, Director comments “APS were proud to be involved with such a renowned department store; this job was completed on behalf of ‘CED’.  We have already finished our second job here proving that our customers are happy with the results – looking forward to future projects in this prestige store”.

Up and coming projects…………………………Trafford Centre, Manchester.

About Us: Ace Polishing Services are specialists in the Metal Polishing of Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Zinc, Copper and Nickel.   We also have an on site clean room and wrapping facilities, ensuring we can send the polished product in pristine condition.  Bead blasting facilities are also available on site, alongside our Automated Tube Polishing unit, and non-ferrous metals unit.  Available on site across the UK and Internationally or via our units in Rochdale.  Please email or call for a quote – info@acepolishingservices.co.uk or 01706 630878.

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